Why I write: A Poem
By Lucy Umoetek

I write to:
my hopes
my life
my heart
my life
my soul

Ms. Lucy Umoetek is a first-year MBA student at Virginia International University.

Who doesn’t write? From sending a text to drafting a novel, writing is part of our daily lives. In the spirit of writing, the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) commemorates every October 20 as the National Day on Writing. (Fun fact: The US Congress passed several laws that also officially commemorates this day, as well.)

The WRMC will be hosting a few activities on campus next week to celebrate! You can participate with us a few ways:

From October 16-October 18, during the lunch hours (11:35am-12:20pm) you can come to the Student Center and write on our board why you write.

All week, you will see these slips on campus (below). Fill one out, slide it under the Writing Center’s Door, and we will use it as part of our wall mural.

And, of course, student bloggers have been invited to express why they write on our blog, so keep checking back for new posts and perspectives on writing!

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By: Writing Center Staff

In observance of the National Day on Writing, which was October 20, 2016, the WRMC welcomed members of the VIU community to share why they write. Faculty, staff, students, and other community members visited the center and wrote on Post-it notes their reasons for writing, and we are happy to say the front board was inundated with Post-its! We pulled some of our favorites and posted them on this blog (below). It seems that there are many reasons why people in the VIU community write, from practical to creative. We look forward to celebrating this event every year as we contemplate the use of and need for writing in our everyday lives. In solidarity with other centers and the National Council of Teachers of English, we used the hashtag #WhyIWrite.

We would especially like to thank the Career Center for supporting our observance: its staff and students created thoughtful and powerful statements on writing.

Here are some of our contributors’ thoughts:

Writing to transcend barriers and create a connection to things, concepts, and other people transfixes us:

Just beautiful:

We love the simple beauty and practicality behind why this author writes: 

Writing as a confidence booster? Yes, please! We love the idea of celebrating that feeling we get when our thoughts and feelings finally go from brain to paper:

This quote about writing as a collective experience has us searching for our nearest writing group :

We welcome all people to write, not just on October 20th, but every day of the year. Writing is one of the bravest thing a human being can do. When you do write, remember this:

1. DON’T FORGET: Don’t forget to inquire about our Academic Showcase in December. deadline to register to present is November 18th, 2016.

Check out the showcase site:  http://www.viu.edu/wrmc/about-wrmc/events/academic-showcase.html

2. WRMC Events: Just in time for midterms! Check out these events to produce stronger pieces of writing:

October 5, 2016 2pm-3pm:  APA In-Text Citations     Where: Student Center    

October 12, 2016 12:30-1:30pm: Using the Library for Research   Where: Student Center
                               3:30-4:30pm: Using the Library for Research    Where: VD-207

October 17, 2016 2:00pm-3:00pm: Reading Comprehension Workshop (For test taking) Where: SC
October 19, 2016 2:00pm-3:00pm: APA In-Text Citations Workshop Where: VD-207