Lena Star

Run a marathon?
Complete a triathlon?
Travel abroad (or in the states)?
Switch careers?
Become a manager?
Complete a degree?
Write a book?
Become a leader in government?
Pay off debt?
Learn a new skill?
Speak a foreign language?

What are your dreams?  Some dreams can become reality if you turn them into a long-term goal!  What is the difference between a dream and a long-term goal?  ACTION!  Action will make that dream a reality!

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What Are Your ‘Jobs to be Done’?

The mission of Virginia International University is to “educate students from all over the world through a highly qualified, equally diverse faculty and staff, while striving to provide academic programs at the graduate, undergraduate, and certificate levels that engender the intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity urgently needed in the global community and with a commitment to providing students with the knowledge to achieve excellence in research, scholarship, and creative endeavors.” One of the ways in which the School of Business instructors accomplish our mission is to know our students’ “jobs to be done.”

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VIU students have a passion to study for real knowledge and have a determination to achieve their goals and dreams successfully. Here’s my advice to others who are currently studying here or are interested in studying here.

  • Be respectful and attentive to others around you.
  • Do not waste the prime time of your life. Be efficient and effective with your time while studying in the Your time here is precious.
  • Try to make new friends and network. You can learn about other people’s culture and how they think. Join the clubs at school. Make time for a social life.
  • Be confident in yourself. You bring talents and perspectives that others can learn from.
  • Drop your worst habits like smoking and being late for assignments or class.
  • Most importantly take care of your health and body. Try to eat homemade foods. Do not always rely on outside restaurants.

– Khuder Doyod 2018 BSBA Graduate

We are pleased to share that Julieth Paulini was selected to attend the Global X-Culture Conference & Symposium 2018 in Macerata, Italy.  We are honored that Julieth was chosen.

X-Culture is a training program that almost 50, 000 students participated in. Of the 50,000, more than 500 were qualified to attend the event. Of the 500, only 150 students were finalists!

Congratulations Julieth!

To learn more about our Marketing Management concentrations visit viu.edu/sb.

Congratulations Professor Roy Abdo!

Professor Abdo co-authored an article published by Gallup.  Read his piece Election Could Be Political Turning Point for Lebanon http://news.gallup.com/poll/233696/election-political-turning-point-lebanon.aspx.

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