Posted on: September 10, 2019

Students Enjoy Their First Ice Cream Social of the Year

Students Enjoy Their First Ice Cream Social of the Year

Students, staff and faculty gathered at the VIU’s Global Bistro for an ice cream social on Thursday September 5th. The event, hosted by the Student Experience Department, brought together a large number of students from various departments. It was an opportunity for new students to meet their older peers and engage with them and instructors who attended the event in a relaxed social setting.

VIU students are encouraged to apply for student staff positions offered at the university. The different jobs provide opportunities for the students to make some extra income as well as acquire on-the-job skills and training that will help them in their future careers. Many students met with the Director of Human Resources, who hosted an on campus job fair for students during that time.

The marketing and outreach specialist at RSVP-Northern Virginia spoke about the volunteer opportunities at the organization, emphasizing the flexible days and hours for volunteering. He encouraged students –as well as others- to volunteer with the various programs such as the Northern Virginia Senior Olympics, which provides athletic and recreational competition opportunities for senior adults.

In addition, the Communications department team interviewed some students – new and old- who shared their positive experience about the university, its environment and their learning experience. To find out what the students said, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.