Posted on: June 26, 2019

Why Do I Have To Read?

Why Do I Have To Read?

Good news!!! Summer time is here again and you may be wondering some productive activities you might want indulge yourself. Reading is absolutely one of such activities.

Reading is how we discover new things and how we develop a positive self-image. The ability to read is a vital skill in being able to function in today’s world. Reading is important because it helps to expand the mind and develops the imagination.

A person who knows how to read can educate themselves in any area of life they see fit. People who don’t read or are poor readers often have low opinions of themselves and their capabilities. They mostly feel isolated and behavior problems sometimes surface. As we live in an age abundant with information, reading is the only way to become informed. Find out more benefits of reading below.


Reading Improves Concentration

Reading forces you to use your brain; helping you to reason things out which are unfamiliar. However, it’s sad that the majority of people are not introduced to the fabulous world of reading. Most people don’t realize that when reading a book you are focused and concentrating, thereby enhancing the critical skills of concentration and focus.

Reading Improves Discipline and Memory

Making time to read is something we all feel that we should do, but only few of us schedule actual reading time every day. Adding reading to your daily schedule improves discipline. Studies show if you don’t read often, it becomes more and more difficult to remember facts that you have read. Crossword puzzles are an example of a word game that helps build memory and helps to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Reading helps to stretch your memory muscles and requires you to remember details, facts and figures, plot lines, themes and characters. It is really satisfying to look at a shelf of books and say, “I’ve read every one of those!”

Reading Builds Self Esteem

The more you read, the more educated you become. With more education comes increased confidence. Increased confidence builds self-esteem. Reading about the diversity of life and revealing yourself to new ideas and more information helps to widen the creative side of the brain and filters innovation into your thinking process. When you are well read, people will look to you for answers which also builds self-confidence and self-worth. Reading about diversity of life and revealing yourself to new ideas and more information helps to widen the creative side of the brain as it promotes advancement into your thinking process.

Reading Improves Vocabulary

When you are reading books, particularly demanding ones, you will probably find yourself exposed to many new words. As you read you find the importance of words by reading the context of those same words in a sentence.

As we continue enjoying the beautiful days of summer what information would you like to know about? You can unlock your knowledge about it by taking a step further today to read about it because as you continue reading and you will continue learning.