Posted on: May 22, 2019

Balance Your Summer Vacation Time with Future Career Development

Balance Your Summer Vacation Time with Future Career Development

As an international university student, I used to feel happy when the spring semester is ending and the summer vacation months are approaching. The reason was obvious …  the summer vacation was giving me enough days and weeks to travel around the states (even back home) to visit friends and families, to relax at the beach, Las Vegas trips, historical locations and mountains.

However, it was after two years of my stay at the university that I realized this long period is also the right moment to plan for my future career development.  I learned that we can be excellent students by earning all A’s of the courses we have taken. But professionally, that does not make us competitive unless employers found out that we are well versed in applying the theories and skills we have learned in solving real life problems.

One way of practicing those learned concepts and skills is through volunteering or internship opportunities in organizations doing business or research or public services related to our specializations.

Hereby, I am proudly sharing my success in exploiting those four or five summer vacation periods to work as volunteer and intern in my universities as research and teaching assistant that sharpened me to become a competent professor in economics and statistics right now.

From my own experience, I am advising my current and prospective students to do the same in their summer vacation. You still can enjoy the long vacation by visiting families and friends and relaxing in various cool places. But still you have to balance it by allotting some of the extra time for developing your future career objectives.

As business students, you have to be able to get internship opportunities in international finance, marketing and health institutions so that you can practice the theories and skills you leaned in fall and spring semesters. Even if you don’t get the internship this summer, you can use the break to search and connect with companies that may give you a chance in the fall and spring semesters. You should not forget that you have a three credit hour CPT / Internship course option that you can register to work for a company.

Some of the possible places you may look for summer internship opportunities could be international trade, marketing, investment and healthcare organizations such as the following: NY Stock Exchange Market, AJC-International, Zilo International Group, Canon USA, Philly Marketing Group, Royal Solutions, Mountain View Concepts, Sterne – Kessler – Goldstein  & Fox, Bright Light Group, Kellogg Company, East West Bank, Walmart e-commerce, Corporate Finance Associates, SIFMA, UBER/ HIATT Search Partners, Capria, Alpha Group Holding, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Arc Capital Group Ltd., Ripple Effect Communications, Geisinger Medical Group, Managed care Advisors, PlanetHealthcare, Northwell Health, Edelman, SoneRidge Retirement, WebMD,  Syapse, United Nationals… and many more … you can get from LinkedIn, Indeed and SimpleHire websites.

Good Luck,

Dr. Zelalem Chala

Program Chair and Professor, VIU