Posted on: March 28, 2019

Dr. Beyene Shares Success Tips For Online Learning.

Dr. Beyene Shares Success Tips For Online Learning.

Online learning could be challenging but at the same time it is rewarding. One should consider the following  things to be successful in an online learning:-

  1. Do not procrastinate – Each week there is a beginning and end date for the course. Although, it seems plenty of time to do the weekly activities such as quiz, discussion, reading and so forth, in reality it is very short. Thus, one has to do the respective activities in a timely fashion and complete them on or before the due date. Hence, each week is a continuation from the prior week, unless you have fully completed the prior week, the coming week will be very difficult and at times it may even frustrate you and you may drop the course. Thus, to mitigate this, you should not procrastinate.


  1. Active engagement – Unlike the traditional live class, in an online environment, there is no face-to-face interaction. Thus, this shortcoming is remedied through active engagement / participation in the course platform.


  1. Use of Task Manager – If you are using outlook, you can find the task manager tool and use it to set up the due dates for each of the activities for the week. Also, put reminder so that, outlook will remind you the due dates. If you are not using outlook, you can create to do list or something like that and you can track the activities and the due dates. This will help you to be effective and efficient in an online learning (this is also good for traditional live class).

Hope you find this helpful for your learning.

Wish you all the best!