Posted on: February 19, 2019

Dr. Watson Weighs in on Finding Her Passion

Dr. Watson Weighs in on Finding Her Passion

There aren’t many things in my life that I’m not passionate about. Some wonder how could there be so many things. But to know me is to know that I make the best out of just about everything that touches my life.

I’m passionate about my children, my grandchildren, my family, my dogs, my Christian beliefs, education, change, my gifts and talents, and those lives that I get to touch every day in some way is what I love to do with so much passion.

I often try to reflect back on who I was as a young girl. I am a “middle child” of one sister and one brother. I’ve always stood out as a middle child. My mom would often say “you always have to get the last word in” and most of the time it was because I always had something to say. I’ve never been short on words or excitement. However, there were times that I wasn’t as self-confident. I was truly an emerging work in progress, but I surrounded myself around amazing mentors and friends who helped me to become confident in my own thoughts and decisions.

The things that I’m truly passionate about have helped to make my life much richer and fulfilling. I am a believer in first being true to myself. If I cannot give the best to myself, how can I expect to give of myself to others? I feel brighter each day working to empower others or helping others find their personal passion. I’ve often heard others say that my joy is contagious as it inspires others. I’ve always wondered how I could be so blessed to see situations turn around in favor of purpose and greatness.

It is also not unusual for me to learn something new about myself each day. This is because I carry a strong feeling of enthusiasm and excitement no matter the situation. I am one of those people that looks to immediately turn a negative situation into a positive or some say “see the glass half full vs. half empty.” Whether its people I meet or places I go, creating adventures that help to shape my life and who I am gives me amazing feelings of gratefulness to God.

This has been a continuing journey of choices and changes to ensure that I can remain the best version of myself which is authentic and meaningful. I learned many, many years ago that I can write my story any way that I choose. I believe what started out as insecurity, fear, and hopelessness, later became the first steps in realizing what I was passionate about and how I could create a season of change in my life that would sustain me. I actually began to think more about things in my life that would later serve as the back drop to making “change” a strategy that fueled my passions and calmed my fears. I soon realized how I was cutting my own story short.

My first desire was to obtain a college degree just after finishing high school. However, I was too afraid to apply to any college because I thought I was never “smart-enough.” I later wanted to enter the military, but didn’t pass the ASVAB test the first time. I had no one in my life to simply tell me “try it again.” It was just a few years later when I was married, a mother of four children, and working a full-time job did the passion of my dreams came back into clear view. I could see it, feel it, and longed for it. Yet in still, I was afraid to put myself out there and be fully passionate about my dreams. Then, one day, at 34 years old, I left my fears on the corner step with my tears and enrolled in my first college experience “ever” in 1997. If those students could see my legs shaking under my pants leg or feel the sweat on my face, they would have wondered whether I was coming down with the flu. Nevertheless, I pressed on and absorbed just about everything like a sponge. I later learned that I was “smart enough” and I could define it any way that I liked.

I completed my first degree in 2000 at the top of my class. Later that year, I enrolled for my master’s and completed in 2002. I thought I was done, then that same amazing mentor from my undergraduate college experience, one of the only white professors in a historically black university continued to touch my heart with his words. He was a missionary to Africa and he would often call my name. His name, Dr. James Seymour. He planted that small seed in my heart to continue to make finishing my only option to becoming Dr. Kymm Mischele Watson. He knew I had a sense for imagining all the possibilities.

All the sacrifices became worthwhile. All the sleepless nights were a thing of the past. I crossed the stage to receive my PhD degree full of new passions with my children and grandchildren watching me to only imagine what new chapters I would write for myself. I remained passionate about the people who crossed my pathway and the new doors God would open specifically with me mind.

So in 2019 I continue walking, talking, and living my most passionate life, helping others to appreciate the power of change. I never let a student or mentees embrace regrets or fears. I want them to take advantage of walking through every open door and the door that appears closed, just turn the handle and walk through with every confidence to allow yourself to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE to appreciating your amazing change and passion on purpose.

Dr. Kymm M. Watson

Dean, Business Department