Posted on: February 27, 2019

Dr. Asaya Shares on Project Management Career: What is New?

Dr. Asaya Shares on Project Management Career: What is New?

Towards the end of last year (2018), the project management institute (PMI) launched an update to the fifth edition of the PMBOK – the project management book of knowledge. In the sixth edition of the PMBOK, not much really changed in the fundamental and conceptual layout and the premises of the project management framework; phases or group processes, knowledge areas, tools, techniques and outputs, and flagship approaches to project implementation. So you wonder why the rave about the sixth edition and the increasing demand for acquiring credentials in project management!

Let me share with you just three reasons why you should seek training and become certified in project management. By taking this step, you would be positioning your chances to pick and choose how and where you might serve the organization. The choices and benefits are many and can be leveraged across geographies.

Here are three reasons why you might pursue a professional credential such as a

PMP, Scrum, ITIL, or SAFe-SA. Are you already thinking along that path?


  1. There is an enormous demand for PMP, Agile, and ITIL credential holders by several industry sectors, including; Oil and Gas, Information Technology, Finance, Construction, Education Management, Health care, Marketing, and Research. Pick and choose what you want.
  2. Global recognition of the project management credentials is a huge draw. Many flavors and approaches for performing projects abound, such as the traditional and a host of agile-related formats offer great diversity, enabling you to specialize and deepen your interest and competency.
  3. This last perspective centers on the impending gap in the availability of credentialed practitioners who have served in the last several decades and must now step away for you. Yes, you. Your time and chance has come to step up! Take the training and become certified.

For more information, check out the Virginia International University’s (VIU) EXAM PREP program to find out how we might assist you to achieve your professional goals through certification.