Posted on: January 10, 2019

VIU Invites Spring 2019 Semester Students to Stay Motivated for their Future!

VIU Invites Spring 2019 Semester Students to Stay Motivated for their Future!

With the New Year comes new opportunities. What better time to invest in one’s future than at the beginning of a New Year. Virginia International University extends a warm welcome to our students in Bachelor’s, Master’s, and our Certificate Programs that include English as a Second Language. The campus comes alive after the Holiday Break as both new and continuing students converge in pursuit of their educational and career goals. So what are some key factors students can consider to stay motivated and focused on achievement?

Jody Donovan’s November 18, 2015 Blog Post for Colorado State University sums up key motivating factors that inspire college students to “Find the Motivation to Pursue and Finish Your Education.” In her Blog she states that students must hold tightly to that “Fire in their Belly” to help them remain focused and motivated to keep going despite the challenges or self-doubt. This “Fire in the Belly” drives a student to go beyond what is easy to achieve more. Examining one’s environment, remaining connected with support systems (family, friends, co-workers), and other non-academic factors are critical to remaining motivated. To this point, college students benefit the more active they are in their campus culture as developing oneself both personally and professionally can enhance outcomes for the future. The more vested a student can be in auxiliary campus services and activities, the better the overall experience that keeps one engaged and supported until graduation.

Ms. Donovan’s blog quotes Jenna Wolfe’s “3 Ways to Find Motivation when You’d Rather Give Up” (2015). These tips include:

  1. Focus on Each Step of the Learning Objective – Celebrate small wins and accomplishments on your journey towards you goal.
  2. Visualize your Goals – Picture your Graduation Ceremony and proudly displaying your framed diploma.
  3. Talk to Yourself – Believe in you as you got this!

Bottom line, motivation comes from within and VIU is here to be that support system for every students’ quest towards their educational endeavors. To become involved in VIU’s campus activities that compliment the academic experience, go to for a complete listing. Let the New Year begin with a motivated New You!