Posted on: January 30, 2019

Reflecting On VIU Alumni

Reflecting On VIU Alumni

Each semester students join the Virginia International University (VIU) community with dreams and strong determination to achieve their education goals. In the twinkling of an eye, students are beginning their first semester, then walking across the stage as a graduate.

As VIU reaches a 20-year milestone of providing an educational platform for international and local students, I reflect on how to bring forward better methods to connect all alumni; to share their beautiful journeys.  Among VIU’s Alumni are visionaries, leaders, motivators, and inspirational people, who may have followed a rough path to achieve success.

I call out to all Alumni to be the voice of VIU! I challenge you to guide the new students and recent graduates, as they begin their new journey.  A journey familiar to all Alumni.   Help share your experiences to create a community built on aspiration and dreams.

VIU is tremendously proud of its Alumni and what you have been accomplishing since leaving the campus.  Your growth and leadership demonstrated; local communities and globally.  As you continue your development and serve as ambassadors for our university, I encourage you to think often on the mission.

“Virginia International University’s mission is to educate students from all over the world through a highly qualified, diverse faculty and staff, while striving to provide academic programs at the graduate, undergraduate, and certificate levels that engender the intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity urgently needed in the global community and with a commitment to providing students with the knowledge to achieve excellence in research, scholarship, and creative endeavors.”

Welcome to the VIU Alumni blog, where you can feel right at home. In this section, you can actively reconnect with your classmates and keep up to date with alumni events.

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