We are excited to announce the establishment of a new club, Job Club at VIU. It is an exciting opportunity for students and graduates to meet and critically discuss about individual career goals and how to professionally improve their leadership skills for their future careers. Each meeting will focus on providing information to specific job-related subjects such as finding the right job opportunities on-campus or off-campus. The Job Club will serve as a place where can ask questions and have employment-related discussions. The club also encourages its members to participate in career related on-campus and off-campus events and volunteering in all VIU events. The Career Services and Student Affairs Departments support the club. To join the club is FREE of charge!

On January 9, 2019, the Job Club held its first interest meeting. Attendees learned about the purpose of the club as well as the opportunity to have an executive role within the club by talking about the club officer positions that are open. The attendees also discussed their availability for future meetings.

The next club meeting will be announced soon. Anyone interested in joining the club or attending the next Job Club meeting should contact the club directly via email at jobclub@campus.viu.edu.