VIU Ranked #1 Best Online College in Virginia


Virginia International University (VIU) is proud to be ranked #1 best online college in Virginia according to This national college ranking website regularly updates a collection of college rankings that keeps the general audience informed about what schools across the United States have to offer in terms of top-rated academics and student lifestyle.

In rating online colleges, uses methodology grounded in statistical data and guiding principles, including academic affordability and online competency. All eligible institutions are ranked on a 100 point scale. Schools featured in this ranking demonstrate a commitment to high-quality education for their students.

VIU ranked #1 best online college out of a total of 7 accredited colleges in Virginia with a ranking score of 83.19, VIU earned this top score in large part due to the affordability of its tuition as well as the flexibility of its online and on-ground courses in a variety of academic disciplines including Business, Computer Information Systems, Education, and Intensive English Language. VIU online courses are offered in a flexible eight-week format so students have the option to enroll in VIU online courses 6 times per year.

VIU is proud of its online achievement and national recognition and strives to increase its online reach with a goal of 100% of its courses and degree programs being offered online in the coming year.

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