Posted on: December 7, 2018

VIU End of Fall Semester Multicultural Potluck

VIU End of Fall Semester Multicultural Potluck
VIU End of Fall II Semester Multicultural Potluck

On Thursday December 6, 2018, VIU’s School of Language Studies hosted an end of term potluck for the English Language (ESL) students to celebrate the end of the fall II term.  ESL students from a myriad of countries proudly brought in their national cultural dishes for everyone to sample and enjoy.

The end of term potluck is a nice opportunity to celebrate the students’ academic achievements in the Intensive Language Program as well as to provide shared fellowship among students, staff and faculty. The group of VIU ESL students in attendance hailed from 7 countries including Azerbaijan, Columbia, Iran, Mongolia, Rwanda, Turkey and Vietnam.

VIU’s School of Language provides Intensive ESL courses available in 7 week cycles as well as non-Intensive ESL courses with flexible weekend schedules. VIU’s School of Language Studies offers a variety of resources and ways to connect beyond the classroom and helps students to improve their communication skills for life in an English speaking country.

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