Dr. Kirk Borne, world-renowned expert in Big Data, is the opening keynote speaker at VIU’s 2018 International Conference on Technology & Computing.


On Thursday, November 1, 2018, Dr. Chraibi, Dean of Virginia University’s School of Computer Information Systems, welcomed conference attendees from around the world to VIU’s 3rd annual International Conference on Computing and Technology. The conference opened with keynote speaker, Dr. Kirk Borne, a well-known expert in the field of Data Science.

Dr. Borne, an astrophysicist formerly working at NASA, has consistently been ranked among the top wordwide influencers in Big Data and Data Science. He  was the expert called upon to brief the President of the United States on data mining post 9/11, as the government explored how to use data mining to detect and prevent another terrorist attack. With 210,000 followers on Twitter, Borne’s influence in data and analytics is widespread.

Dr. Borne’s compelling opening keynote address examined the widespread influence of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence which have infiltrated every field. He described the current Data Revolution as being a way of thinking about the world rather than merely analyzing demographics. In his words, data is about connections and relationships and it needs to be used ethically.

VIU’s two-day International Conference on Computing & Technology gathers data industry experts as well as VIU faculty and students involved in the fields of computing and technology. The conference schedule includes trending topics such as cloud service operational security concerns, cybersecurity planning and implementation, and wireless network attacks.

Registration for the conference is still open for Friday, November 2, 2018. To register and learn more about VIU’s International Conference on Computing & Technology, visit: https://conference.viu.edu/icct/

To lean more about VIU’s School of Computer Information Systems, visit: https://www.viu.edu/scis/

Dr. Chakib Chraibi, Dean of VIU’s School of Computer Information Systems, welcomes conference attendees comprised of industry experts, VIU faculty and students.