Professor Hampton Dowling also serves as Chairman, Committee for International Trade for Virginia; who was recently invited to participate in the Virginia Manufacturers Association Annual Competitiveness Forum which hosted executives from Virginia’s manufacturing companies and other industry leaders to recognize member’s successes and examine new approaches to national and int’l competitiveness,  Very rich discussion, with focus on business climate, workforce, innovation, infrastructure and economic strength as they related to the Commonwealth’s competitiveness standing against other US states and abroad. Professor Dowling’s participation furthered the currency of curriculum in his VIU class, Global Sourcing and Logistics, leveraging forum discussion groups and speakers who put a spotlight on intermodal logistics, global trading partnerships and innovations for efficient commerce.  A very worthwhile hands-on conference to improve the Commonwealth’s domestic production and int’l trade competitiveness. To Professor Dowling’s right is State Delegate David Yancey, Chairman of Virginia’s Transportation Committee and with Mr. Brett Vassey, President, Virginia Manufacturers Association.