Posted on: September 10, 2018

VIU Celebrates International Literacy Day

VIU Celebrates International Literacy Day
Dr. Erdoan Shipoli discusses his latest book Islam, Securization, and US Foreign Policy at VIU

VIU celebrated International Literacy Day 2018 by inviting Dr. Erdoan Shipoli to discuss his latest book Islam, Securitization, and US Foreign Policy. Dr. Shipoli, a former VIU faculty in VIU’s School of Public & International Affairs, received his PhD from Georgetown University and currently works as a talent acquisition consultant at Cybertek Solutions. Dr. Shipoli is also a part-time executive coach and free-lance consultant for start ups and executive leaders.
During an engaging lunchtime presentation co-sponsored by the VIU Library and Student Affairs, Dr. Shipoli explored the relationship between securization and Islam and examined US foreign policy’s motivations through various administrations. Dr. Shipoli presented the argument that securization – defined as the study of how issues become security issues – is largely a product of political constructs whereby religion becomes securitized by speech association.

A lively Q&A time followed the formal presentation which was attended by VIU faculty, staff and students Dr. Shipoli’s book will be available at the VIU Library soon.

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