September 11th is the National Day of Service and Remembrance. It is a day to remember all who lost and sacrificed their lives to help others 17 years ago. The VIU community participated in this tradition of service on Tuesday by volunteering at the Lamb Center. The Lamb Center is a facility that provides food, clothing, counseling services and medical services to less privileged individuals in hopes to get them employed and back on their feet. The Lamb Center has been opened for 26 years and was started by a local church. The Lamb Center assists over 1,000 individuals each year. Their mission is to serve the poor and homeless, transform lives and share God’s love.

The VIU volunteers arrived at the Lamb Center at 9:45 am. Doris and Patty, the Lamb Center facility coordinators, welcomed them. Next, Doris gave the volunteers a tour of the center.  The volunteers were then given a piece of paper with assigned tasks-to help in the clothing section and the food storage area. In the clothing area, volunteers properly arranged clothes by gender and sizes. In the food area, volunteers helped properly sort out the foods and took out expired products. Once this was complete, they took out the trash before cleaning the chairs in the chapel and the common room.

The trip was very helpful because the volunteers got to help those really in need and it reminded them not to forget that as humans, we have a civic duty to help those in need.