Posted on: September 20, 2018

How Unique Are You In Managing Conflict?

How Unique Are You In Managing Conflict?
Dr. Klara Bilgin, Dean of VIU School of Public & International Affairs  (right) introduces Mediation & Conflict Management specialist, Mr. John Wagner.

On Thursday, September 20th 2018, the School of Public and International Affairs at Virginia International University (VIU) hosted a dynamic workshop on the topic of conflict management facilitated by retired Federal Mediator, Mr. John A. Wagner. Mr. Wagner was appointed an Alternative Dispute Resolution Specialist for the Agency of Health Care Research and Quality in 2008 and served until 2016. Before that, he served as an alternative dispute mediator for many years in a variety of settings and developed conflict resolution traning for numerous agencies and private sector companies.

VIU’s interactive conflict management workshop was well-attended by a diverse group of students, staff and faculty from various cultural backgrounds. The discussion centered around the difference between resolving and managing conflict and included practical conflict management skills focused on active listening and acknowledging needs and interests.  A lively group exercise centered on creating concensus revealed the broad diversity in perspectives represented in the room – a truly unique feature of VIU’s diverse community according to Mr. Wagner. This introduction to conflict management was so well received that a follow-up workshop session is in discussion for this coming December. Stay tuned!

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VIU Worshop Participants Exercise Their Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills