Posted on: August 6, 2018

Words to the Wise from Current VIU Students to Incoming Fall Semester New Students!

Words to the Wise from Current VIU Students to Incoming Fall Semester New Students!


As Virginia International University prepares to welcome new incoming students to the Fall 2018 Semester, what better than to elicit advice from those already attending. Transitioning to college is a process, but it is an opportunity to go beyond one’s “Comfort Zone” towards a new direction that expands horizons. VIU students come from across the globe and journey beyond culture in pursuit of their life’s ambitions. Taking risks for one’s future is part of life and it can produce positive outcomes. Being mentally prepared, organized, and ready for change are some first steps in the transition process.

Garnering insight from those who have made that successful leap into their higher education path can be inspiring and helpful for those just beginning the journey. Nine VIU students from different parts of the world share their perspectives on what helped them adjust to the student experience.

Alex – Tanzania: “MAMBO JAMBO! If you are coming from Africa you will feel most welcome at VIU. There are Student Clubs and different activities to keep you connected to the African culture while you study in the United States of America. The African student network at VIU is very active and supportive as we come together to earn our degrees at a US institution and experience diversity in business practices, which will help us be better connected to the world. Stay at VIU and enjoy Diversity.”

Bigya – Nepal: “Always push yourself beyond your limits and trust your vibes. It will make you realize what your limits are and move forward.”

BJay – Mongolia: “Dear New Students, Welcome to VIU! Congratulations on taking the first step on the path to achieving your dreams, discovering your potential, and accomplishing your life’s goals. Hold fast to your dreams, believe in your potential, and there is no limit to what you can achieve.”

Chintan – India: “As a Business Management graduate from India, VIU offered me the perfect graduate program that I was looking for to continue my education abroad with affordable tuition and its great location, just minutes away from the United States capital. With a diverse student body, Student Clubs, the Career Center as well as the Student Affairs department, VIU has been the best choice for my education in the USA. VIU is the place what I call my home away from home. At VIU, staff and faculty empower individuals to challenge conventional thinking in pursuit of original ideas. VIU shaped me into the person I am today. I have learned to be more independent and embrace who I am.”

Jorge – United States: “Your investment at VIU is an investment in your future career. Ride the ebbs and flows of your academic experience as they will prepare you for the challenges that lie ahead. Enjoy your student experience and get involved in activities that will add to your marketability. Make valuable personal and professional connections while at VIU as they could be your future business partners.”

Lucy – Nigeria: “I believe that it is important to not only believe, but be assertive about achieving your dreams in a manner that is practical and attainable.
What really helped me, when I arrived at VIU was that belief of self and in what I wanted to achieve irrespective of what I may or may not have accomplished in the past.
At the end of the day, I had to seize each moment to maximize opportunities, as is my motto “Carpe Diem.”

Saji – India: “Focus! Connect! Balance! Focus on setting a foundation that will propel you to success! Connect and stay connected to your family, friends, your faith, and all that is positive in your life; Balance it all with an attention to your health, your nutrition, your sleep, and yes have fun from time to time! Much love to all and good luck!”

Son – Vietnam: “There is no such thing as a dumb/stupid question. If you have a question? Do not be shy, just ask.”

Yared – Ethiopia: “Being from Ethiopia, I grew up with my major interests and passions being centered around the field of Computers. I believe that there is a creative fusion between all different Computer Science disciplines. I became involved in volunteering to do computer work in my school courses and in the local community to really develop my hands on skills. Also, VIU gave me an opportunity to become a Student Worker in their IT Department, which allowed me to service all departments and troubleshoot network issues. In addition, I hope to continue doing so much more on-the-job training and stay involved in extra-curricular opportunities at the university. It can happen for you to train for the jobs of the future that are in technology. Everyone must make the most of their opportunities while attending VIU. It is working for me and can work for you too.”

The campus culture at VIU is enhanced by the students acting as a support system for one another. VIU’s unique blending of cultures is a direct representation of the human family and how our world can truly be united. Virginia International University’s staff, faculty and current students are ready to embrace our new incoming students for the Fall 2018 Semester beginning the week of August 27th.