Dr. Ron Kovach (right) and Ms. Tanith Fowler Corsi (left) meet with Prof. Sandra Pires (center) at the Embassy of Portugal in Washington, DC.

Virginia International University’s Academic Affairs team, Dr. Ron Kovach, Vice President, and Ms. Tanith Fowler Corsi, M.A, visited the Embassy of Portugal in Washington, DC as part of the University’s ongoing strategic embassy outreach initiative.

VIU is strategically invested in exploring partnership opportunities with overseas universities to help further diversify its international student body. Current outreach efforts are focused on European universities to explore areas of collaborations such as student exchanges and dual degree programs. VIU also offers full and partial regional scholarship programs designed to attract full-time international degree students from underrepresented regions.

VIU’s Academic Affairs team met with Prof Sandra Pires, instructor of Portuguese at Georgetown University, who assists the Embassy of Portugal with the promotion of Portuguese language and culture through her Camoes Institute of Collaboration and Language based in Portugal. Prof. Pires’s academic expertise and connection to Portuguese universities provided natural synergy with VIU’s academic partnership goals.

For information about VIU’s international partnership program and regional scholarship opportunities, visit, https://www.viu.edu/our-university/viu-partnership/current-partnerships/

For information about the Portuguese Camoes Institute of Collaboration and Language, visit: http://www.instituto-camoes.pt/en/


Embassy of Portugal in Washington, DC