Posted on: August 15, 2018

Global Logistics… Part 2

Global Logistics… Part 2

This blog is part 2 of a 2 part blog.  Check out part 1 here

Ok, now that you’re interested in Global Logistics, consider registering for MBA 628… take a look at these links.  They’re short, cool, and begin to tell the story of the bigger picture of global sourcing and logistics.     Time lapse of containers being lifted on/off a ship.  A good video showing complexities of actual movements that are not always apparent to a casual observer.    Time lapse of Container Ship Santa Barbara using GoPro.  Cool music in background as the ship transits and visits a few ports. Shows a different view of logistics.    Terminal operations at Port of Long Beach.  Fully automated and integrated with rail and trucks. Cool sound track of music…   Terminal operations, MSC Home Terminal, second largest terminal in the world.   Port of Los Angeles operations, scale of activity today and tomorrow.  Busiest terminal in the USA (when combined with the Port of Long Beach)   Canada’s Global Container Terminals, intermodal integrated operations.   This is so cool. Shows terminal operations in Germany with transitions to rail.  Port terminals meet rail in Georgia.  A good summary of how it all works together.

Blockchain…  Blockchain for maritime logistics and beyond.  Cool summation of blockchain within logistics. Fast art and illustrations.  A great short capture of how data and analytics, with blockchain, drive today’s maritime global logistics.

International business (and logistics!) strategy…  A great, easy clip that connects many dots which depend on today’s blockchain, logistics, transnational integrated services etc.  A nice guy who quickly suggests a few critical questions that make you think about the topics we’ll be discussing in this class.  A nice sound background to a great, short clip that connects the mechanics of logistics and sourcing production to essential processes and information management.

Other components of the bigger picture…  This is about supply chain management… it’s a bit tutorial but put together pretty well with great animation.  It’s part of our curriculum.  This is from Australia.  Pulls transportation and logistics together in a solid video.  All about smart warehouse management viewed through the lenses of DHL.  Good stuff.  Ok, what is global sourcing?  This is a shot clip that defines it in simple terms.  During class we will of course dive into the details.  Four questions about global sourcing for chief procurement officers… and a good sound track too.  Media and getting your company heading into international markets.  A few hints.

All this is great stuff.  It’s practical and pulls on all that’s been learned in undergraduate and graduate classes thus far.  It will make you think and explore interesting topics that may not have been previously familiar.  We’ll talk about the quite a few topics, such as: business calculations of sourcing, shipping and the components of logistics, int’l business strategy and partnerships, relevant world events, have several visiting speakers, explore trade and commerce issues, hopefully visit Virginia’s Inland Port in Front Royal, explore negotiating skills, and management of distributed sourcing organizations.

There’s a lot to full scope of global sourcing and logistics.  Our lives depend on the wheels of production, distribution and time to market. We’ll talk about it with an eye to preparing you to make better, more informed business decisions.  During the class you’ll be challenged for your understanding of the mosaic of moving parts that comprise the broad scope and scale of global sourcing and logistics.

Join the class!

It all starts in the Fall semester 2018 (which begins on August 27).  You can enroll in Global Sourcing and Logistics (MBA 628) anytime.  We’ll be meeting on Monday evenings from 6:20 to 9:10 pm.

– Written by Hampton Dowling, Adjunct Professor at VIU