Posted on: August 9, 2018

International Flavors at the VIU End of Summer ESL Potluck

International Flavors at the VIU End of Summer ESL Potluck
VIU students, instructors and administrators at the End of Summer ESL Potluck

Virginia International University’s end of summer ESL potluck brought a medley of flavors to the table as students from 8 countries – Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Turkey, and Mongolia – shared their national traditional dishes and stories with VIU fellow students and instructors.
The end of summer potluck was organized by VIU’s School of Language Studies and several faculty and instructors were in attendance including Dr. Kevin Martin, Dr. Rebecca Sachs, Ms. Jessi Michel, Mr. Glen Habbershaw, Ms. Jennifer Swanson and Mr. Brian Purnell.

VIU offers 7-week terms and a new term starts every 8 weeks. Full-time students receive 20 hours of classroom instruction per week. Many of the current VIU ESL students have only been in the country for a short while and part of their summer program included practical tips on where to find their home country food in local markets. Students learned about the diversity in the Washington, DC area, clearly represented at VIU, and appreciated the opportunity to come together at the end of their summer coursework to celebrate their academic achievements and newfound friendships.

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