Posted on: August 28, 2018

Congratulations Oumar Cole

Congratulations Oumar Cole

Oumar Cole is another recipient that we have from Global X-Culture! He was on a team that won  Best Report for CaptiVoice.  Oumar shares his experience below.

We’ve come a long way from the static constructs of a feudal society. The awareness of an ever-expanding universe with a shrinking globalized world is reshaping how we collaborate and approach business in the 21st century.

My experience working with people from completely different backgrounds, in completely different settings, at completely different times; was very refreshing. I was fortunate to have excellent team members dedicated to the project from beginning to end.

Shout out to all stakeholders; members of Team 106 for our collective efforts, my instructor for making it a part of the curriculum, Charmtech Labs for their neat product, and X Culture for giving us an opportunity to not only part-take in the spirit of competition, but create life-long networks that may otherwise have never crossed paths.

The universe is expanding, and multi-national collaborations are the new cool thing. Let’s not be peasants in 2018!

Congratulations Oumar!