Posted on: July 12, 2018

Welcome Dr. Srinidhi Anantharamiah

Welcome Dr. Srinidhi Anantharamiah

We would like to welcome our newest team member, Dr. Srinidhi (Shree) Anantharamiah. Dr. Shree brings a wealth of knowledge to the team and we are pleased to introduce him.

Dr. Srinidhi Anantharamiah, or Shree, as he likes to be called, was born in Mumbai (Bombay), India and came to the USA when he was about five.  He grew up in Ohio and in New Jersey, where his parents instilled in him the values of succeeding in America no matter what his ethnic heritage was, and the importance of hard work and of dedication.  He earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Rutgers University, his Master’s from New Mexico State University, and his Doctorate from Utah State University.

Dr. Shree worked in industry for a number of years as a financial analyst for WorldCom, a leading telecommunications company of the 1990’s.  He later realized that teaching was his true calling when he began teaching economics classes for Florida Metropolitan University in 2001.  According to Dr. Shree, economics is the “philosophy of life.”  He is fascinated with economics because it deals with aspects of human behavior that is seen on a regular basis, yet is rarely taken notice of as economic behavior.  Shree explains that no matter what the background of an individual, he/she tries to satisfy wants or needs given limited resources and limited choices on a daily basis.  He feels that teaching the future leaders and movers of our society is a noble calling and that he learns from his students just as much as they learn from him.

Dr. Shree has taught economics classes for various academic institutions in Central Florida.  They have included Florida Metropolitan University, Brevard Community College, Webster University, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Space Coast Campus), and Florida Institute of Technology.  He joined Everest University (Melbourne Campus) in October 2011 to teach economics classes.  Shree feels that the enjoyment and the enthusiasm that he derives from teaching comes from the various students he has had the honor of teaching over the years.  For example, he asks what is a general without an army to fight battles or a football coach without a team to compete?

As part of his research interests, Dr. Shree likes to write reviews and critiques of economic, political, and social literature.  His reviews have appeared on various internet sites such as,,  and  While not teaching, he enjoys surfing on the internet, watching old movies, listening to music from the 60’s and 70’s, and walking as an exercise.