Posted on: July 26, 2018

The Bigger Picture… It’s all about Global Sourcing and Logistics!

The Bigger Picture… It’s all about Global Sourcing and Logistics!

I’m excited to bring the world of global sourcing and associated logistics to tomorrow’s business leaders. With an MBA, today’s aspiring corporate leaders have so many opportunities to experience a truly integrated mosaic of technology, business strategy and processes, and extraordinary breadth of demand signals.  What great time to be learning and growing within a profession.

Today’s corporate management must consider so many goals, objectives – and challenges – that didn’t exist just two years ago.  So much is changing.  Sometimes so fast it’s difficult to observe much less comprehend in a meaningful way.  Decisions made today have immediate and long-term consequences. Corporate boards and shareholders have real time awareness of a company’s performance, brand reputation, success in the marketplace and how employees view their contributions and company’s culture.  What this means for today’s aspiring leaders and managers is the fundamental importance of taking time to observe and understand not only the bigger picture but specific and often complicated architectures.  This class is part of the process of being prepared to tackle tomorrow’s global marketplace that’s arriving faster than anticipated.

The upward trajectory of today’s economic growth is a [great] disruption … but it also conveys additional pressure on management to consider many factors – direct and indirect – at an accelerated pace.  For companies that touch the global marketplace, managers must be fluent in not only their brand and consumer population but the how, the when and by whom products get to market.

This is the intersection of global sourcing and logistics.  A symbiotic relationship of technology, process, business principals, relationship management, strategy and the art of making informed business decisions.

In this course, we’ll talk about these comingled set of variables plus explore the practical, real world activities that make it all come together.  It’s interesting to learn how things work and why it matters in the calculations of business decisions.  It’s all about profit, loss and managing risk.

So, to help you become better prepared for engaging a very dynamic and ever-changing international economy, we’ll spend time focused on a few things, such as: