Scholarships are available

Applying for Scholarships does not need to be cumbersome. So much scholarship aid goes unclaimed every year in the United States, just because students choose to not take the time to apply. This should never be the case as scholarships can often make the path to higher education an affordable reality. One does not need to be a top performing student academically to earn a scholarship as there are many different types based on academic, special achievement, and need based. In addition to a university’s own scholarship program, there are numerous external scholarships and grants available to those willing to do the research and just apply. There are websites such as and offering a plentitude of scholarship opportunities for investigation. A college education is power and its Return on Investment with greater career potential is worth the sacrifice. However, affording a college education does not need to be painful or unattainable as scholarship programs combined with Financial Aid options and flexible payment plans are out there. Everyone deserves the opportunity to obtain a higher education if they are willing to put in the effort.

As a private, non-profit university, Virginia International University takes pride in our mission of making education affordable for individuals who come from overseas or right here in the Washington, DC metro area. Being a non-profit university allows us to allocate more resources to our students including offering a generous scholarship fund, while never compromising the quality, career-focused educational experience that has defined us for over 20 years. At VIU, our scholarship programs are just as diverse as our campus community that makes us a place of cultural richness and inclusivity for all who attend.

Now is the time to apply for scholarships to attend Virginia International University for the upcoming Fall 2018 semester as deadlines are applicable. The Admissions Department is a starting point for each prospective student who wants to learn about their financial options and how to apply for scholarships. VIU’s Scholarship Options can be accessed at Check out our VIU Scholarship Award Winners at as their stories are inspiring testimonies of how making the dream of higher education for one’s career aspirations can come true.