Posted on: July 31, 2018

Guest Blogger: Experience Outside of the Classroom

Guest Blogger: Experience Outside of the Classroom

Julieth Paulini shares her experience working with Global X-Culture and her preparation for her upcoming presentation in Italy while completing her MBA degree.

The MBA program at VIU has not only brought great opportunities for my professional life, but also has opened my mind to accomplish inconceivable dreams. During my second year I signed up for the International Marketing course which to my surprise was a class full of practical activities where students were able to apply knowledge on a real basis.

As part of the course, the biggest assignment for the semester was to complete an international project organized by the This in an American organization that brings high level students with real companies that look for efficient and creative ideas in order to improve different needs for businesses. The challenge requires students to team up randomly in groups of 4 to 7 people with the purpose to develop a business analysis to real companies worldwide.

I was assigned to work with three other students that were located in Grenada, Switzerland and the United States. We chose to work on a project for an Italian company called Ultraspecialisti. They are a small telemedicine company placed in the north of Italy that provides E-health services for patients with chronic diseases. One of their main problems was to communicate and promote effectively the benefits of their quality service.

Our team overcame challenges beginning with organizing our team and building on the individual member’s strengths; having virtual meetings to discuss our proposal was never an easy task, as we had to suit different time-zones. However, during the eight weeks we coordinated activities, researched and wrote a 40 page report that aimed to look for the most promising new market to enter in Europe. This process included gathering information about Ultraspecialisti; attending webinars where we were able to interact with the company’s managers where we discussed and exchanged ideas. Digging into the research we were able to learn as we identified direct and indirect competitors as well as studied different macro-environmental analysis, strategic planning and the pricing strategy most suitable for the company’s interest.

In the last phase of the challenge, our report was evaluated by 150 international business professors that assessed our overall work to 6.6 on a 7- point scale. The results not only put us above the average (5.1), but also gave us the privilege to be selected to attend to the X-Culture Global Symposium held in Macerata, Italy from July 29th to August 4th of the 2018.

Annually, the organization gathers only the top 10% of the best participants in a conference called X-Culture Global Symposium where the students have international exposure while meeting in person the team members, the management crew of the clients and the X-culture members. The one-week conference also has training sessions with experts on International Business, as well as networking sessions with local companies.

As a VIU international student, it is such as honor to become an ambassador of the institution in Italy, where I would be able to represent the Business School while presenting our case study in front of real clients. This experience is a valuable asset to continue growing my career in international business in the United States.

As a personal experience, the Symposium in Italy became an astounding dream that I was not expecting. While my purpose as a student coming from Colombia to the United States in the 2016 was to complete an MBA in the VIU. This was simply a professional goal but it has gone beyond my expectations and I have found endless opportunities that provide me with practical experience in the classroom.