Dr. Bilgin (left) and Tanith Fowler Corsi (right) visit First Secretary Karadzhova (center) at the Embassy of Bulgaria in Washington, DC.

As part of VIU’s ongoing strategic outreach to Washington, DC-based embassies, Dr. Klara Bilgin, Dean of VIU’s School of Public & International Affairs, and Ms. Tanith Fowler Corsi, VIU Academic Affairs, recently took a tour from the Balkans to the Baltics by visiting the embassy of Bulgaria (Dr. Bilgin’s home country) and the embassy of Latvia.

VIU is actively engaged in creating academic partnership opportunities with local embassies and overseas institutions with a focus on diversifying its international student body and creating a broad network of international guest speakers who can introduce the VIU community to contemporary global political topics.

VIU offers a variety of scholarship opportunities to both domestic and international students and has recently implemented an international regional scholarship program designed to attract students from around the world. For additional information on VIU’s regional scholarship and international partnership opportunities, email partners@viu.edu or visit: https://www.viu.edu/our-university/viu-partnership/partnership-application/

Dr. Bilgin (left) and Tanith Fowler Corsi (right) visit Secretary Saburovs (center) at the Embassy of Latvia in Washington, DC.