Posted on: June 28, 2018

Preparing for the Interview

Preparing for the Interview


Now that you have scored an interview with the company or organization of your dreams, it is time to get to work!  Below, we will highlight how you can use the job description posted by the company to prepare for any interview and feel confident during the interview. The job description one of the biggest tools that you can use to prepare.

Company Overview

In this section, the company is providing you with a little bit of information about itself, the role, and how it fits into the organization. This information is generally a summary of the mission, vision, and values of the company.  Note the words chosen and any areas of interest.  At this point, you should determine what areas you want to review for more information.  Write down any questions that you may have or areas that you want to research prior to the interview.  For example, if the organization is looking to find a creative or innovative individual, you might want to ask, “How they support an individual in being innovative or creative?”

Job Duties

Carefully read and write down any questions that you may have based off the job duties.  After you have done that, specifically look at each of the job duties and then write down an example of when you have done each of the tasks in the past or when you have done something similar to that as well as any outcomes associated with that task. The more specific you are in your notes, the more prepared you will be for your interview.    For example, if the organization is looking for someone to audit something, they might ask you to “Share your experience auditing in the past and how successful you have been in doing that”.   If they did that during the interview, you would be able to glance at your notes and instantly jog your memory so that you can share an example.

When looking at the job duties, remember to write down any time that you had a challenge with one of the job duties too.  Sometimes a company will ask you to explain a time when you were challenged by a task.


Similarly to the job duties, read the preferred and required qualifications.  Again, write down any questions that you have.  Then, for any of the soft skills, write an example of how you have utilized the skills with any associated outcomes.  For example, if they are looking for someone with excellent customer-relations skills, you would write down an example of how you achieved that.

Now that you have gone through and completed the strengths that you had with your qualifications, you should go through one more time and create an example of when you did not excel at the soft skills. This will prepare you for questions similar to this, “Can you please share a time when you made a mistake and had to inform the customer? What actions did you take and what, if anything did you learn?”

The last key thing to do is write up your notes in an organized manner and take them with you to the interview!  Good luck!