Posted on: June 29, 2018

Memories of our Travels to Mongolia

Memories of our Travels to Mongolia

Every year, Virginia International University makes it a habit to visit our partner institutions, host Alumni Gatherings, share news and updates with local media outlets, attend college fairs, and award scholarships to new students in countries around the world. Maintaining strong global connections is what defines VIU’s mission as a destination university for students from both the USA and abroad. Our commitment to providing high quality, affordable education to those seeking to Dream, Discover, and Accomplish is at the core of what we do. During the week of June 18th until June 24th, Ms. Deborah Brent, AVP of Enrollment Management and Communications, represented VIU in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, where she visited with our university partners and schools and presented two full scholarships to Mr. Enkhjargal, Super Student Winner, at Ikh Zasag University and to Mr. Enkh-Erdene, the 2016 Winner of Mongolia’s Got Talent. In addition, Ms. Brent met with staff at the US Embassy and Education USA Advising Center regarding “Study in the USA” and hosted the VIU Alumni Dinner at La Viva Restaurant. Hearing the success stories of our graduates was truly inspiring as the education they received at VIU was clearly a life-changing experience for them. Ms. Brent was interviewed by Royal Academy TV, TV 5 and the Mongolian National Broadcast stations. While in Mongolia, she established new partnerships and stopped by one of our top agents, Intellectual Center for Mongolian Youth Education (ICMYE), that represents options for studying in the USA.

Gengghis Khan Monument

The hospitality of the Mongolian people, rich inviting culture, stunningly beautiful countryside, and modern city living made her trip to Mongolia diverse and full of memories. Ulaanbaatar is a city on the rise. New building developments are surrounded by classical Russian influenced architecture from the past. Statues of prominent Mongolian leaders compliment the incredible Government Building on the main square that is fashioned like an Italian Piazza. The capital city hosts a vibrant metropolitan area with fine restaurants, forward-thinking cuisine, and nightlife. Journeying to the countryside is breathtaking with stunning Mountain Views complimented by wildlife that include the infamous Wild Horses, Bactrian Camels, and Eagles used for hunting. The countryside resorts and Gers allow for a truly wonderful stay where the air is fresh and one is amongst the best of nature. Mongolia is a must-see country to be experienced and treasured as the land is as unique as the people.

VIU is proud of our long-standing relationships with institutions, students, and alumni located in the nation of Mongolia. Students coming from Mongolia are always a welcome addition to VIU’s global campus community. VIU currently has close to 40 active students from Mongolia and 146 Alumni putting their degrees to work. We are excited to continue being a university of choice located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area for our students hailing from Mongolia. VIU plans to make a return trip to Mongolia in the near future to continue building our network and supporting international student success.