Teacher Appreciation Week

Virginia International University wants to honor our faculty by recognizing their contributions to the university and to the students they educate for their futures. National Teacher Appreciation Week is recognized May 7th through the 11th with May 8th being the actual National Teacher Appreciation Day. This week is dedicated to thanking those teachers who give us so much. Education is power and teachers often instill a boost of confidence when we really need one, extra help and support when needed for understanding complex theories and subject matter, and even a welcoming presence when we need to be embraced and included. Being a teacher is often a thankless profession, and we must make time to thank the special educators in our lives who truly make a difference.

Students and staff are encouraged to share their appreciation of our VIU educators during this National Teacher Appreciation Week. A personalized card or video, a message of thanks on Social Media, a handshake, a cup of coffee, or just a smile can be given to those teachers who stand out. As many restaurants and shops offer special promotions and discounts throughout the week to teachers, VIU’s own Global Bistro is offering a 20% Discount to our faculty and those educators who present their School ID as a small token of appreciation for the life-changing “Gift of Knowledge and Skills” they give to us all through their chosen profession. Successful careers and overall professionalism are often shaped by the teachers we have encountered along the way.  VIU wishes to formally thank and appreciate our illustrious faculty that have dedicated themselves to our educational mission. Have you thanked a Teacher Today? There is still time during National Teacher Appreciation Week 2018.