Posted on: May 29, 2018

Prepare for the PMP Certificate – PMBOK

Prepare for the PMP Certificate – PMBOK

Have you read the newly published PMBOK 6th edition, beginning to end? It is an awesome piece of work, an outstanding exemplar of a completed and acceptable project implementation – on schedule and on budget for sure. 

I am impressed by the overall organization of contents and how its flow of information warmly coaches the reader’s understanding and assimilation of fundamental knowledge necessary not only to be successful at the exams, but also to enable practitioners reaffirm what to do when in doubt or in trouble. 

Overall, much of the information in the new edition is not different from the preceding version. The project management core framework concepts remain the same. One major inclusion is information about AGILE in almost all the chapters. The Agile Practice Guide booklet is added to your purchase. Why is this? PMI says; “The Project Management Institute and Agile Alliance…to create a greater understanding of agile approaches in their communities…” 

This makes a lot of sense to me and I concur with it totally. At the very least, this move broadens basic understanding and fosters collaboration among Communities of Practice (CoP) within the project management practicum.  

Here are a few highlights: 

  1. There are thirteen chapters in thenewbook – same as in the previous edition. Yes, there are more pages to cover than in the 5th edition. This is not a negative since the more you read this book, the more you are drawn in to read on for a little longer.  
  2. Creating a separate chapter to explain the role of the project manager was a fantastic idea. 
  3. Page 25 (Table 1-4) summarizes areas of modification – chapters, processes, and so on.

In my next blog, I will point out specific areas and pages where you ought to spend more time reading and internalizing the concepts, principles, definitions, tools & techniques, especially if you are planning to sit for the test. Many students and candidates for the exam are already asking about past questions. My counsel to students is to spend plenty of time  reading the book – at least twice in preparation for the test. This is NOT NEGOTIABLE! 

See you next time for more insights