Posted on: May 24, 2018

Guest Blogger: Olamide Adejumo Shares about VIU

Guest Blogger: Olamide Adejumo Shares about VIU

Recent graduate Olamide Adejumo shares her experience!


I chose to study at VIU initially because of the recommendation I got from an alumni student.  When I got here I found more reasons to stay and study until the end.  The environment is conducive for learning and the professors and staff of the school are helpful and pay attention to your learning needs.


VIU has helped to strech my intellectual prowess.  It has helped to push my studying habits and given me the opportunity to meet with intellectuals (professors & students) who helped broaden my scope of knowledge.


My advice to other VIU students:

  1. Focus
  2. Make use of the opportunities given to them by the school. What results they graduate with is based on the work they put in. If you work hard your result will speak for you and if you don’t your result says it all.

What you take with you when you graduate is based on the time and effort that you put in while you were here!  If you work hard, the results will speak for you.  If you don’t, the results will say it all.