VIU students have a passion to study for real knowledge and have a determination to achieve their goals and dreams successfully. Here’s my advice to others who are currently studying here or are interested in studying here.

  • Be respectful and attentive to others around you.
  • Do not waste the prime time of your life. Be efficient and effective with your time while studying in the Your time here is precious.
  • Try to make new friends and network. You can learn about other people’s culture and how they think. Join the clubs at school. Make time for a social life.
  • Be confident in yourself. You bring talents and perspectives that others can learn from.
  • Drop your worst habits like smoking and being late for assignments or class.
  • Most importantly take care of your health and body. Try to eat homemade foods. Do not always rely on outside restaurants.

– Khuder Doyod 2018 BSBA Graduate