Posted on: May 11, 2018

Around the World Embassy Tour

Around the World Embassy Tour

Sandra M. Mejia

University Affairs Coordinator

Have you ever traveled to nine countries in one day?  I did!  Well, not exactly, but I, Sandra M. Mejia, the University Affairs Coordinator, did visit nine countries’ embassies on May 5th by attending the “Around the World Embassy Tour” in the nation’s capital, Washington, DC!

This weekend over 50 embassies opened their doors to the public for a day of fun, exhibitions, performances, food, and interactive activities.  The area the embassies encompassed was more than just Embassy Row. There were open embassies around Dupont Circle and Van Ness/UDC Metrorail stations.  I was able to visit the following countries: Bangladesh, Cameroon, Ghana, Kosovo, Malaysia, Panama, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.  It was an amazing experience, and I definitely recommend going with friends because it was fun and a lot of exercise!

Please take a look at some of the countries I was able to “travel” to!


Traditional Performance and Dress of Malaysia


Flag Art of Bangladesh


Traditional Music of Bangladesh

Here is a sample of that performance.


Traditional Clothing of Ghana


Art of Ghana


Traditional Art and Dress of Panama


Traditional Dance of Panama

Here is a sample of that performance.


I visited Uganda!


Art of Uganda


Art and Figurines of Cameroon


Celebrating 10 Years of Independence with Kosovo