Lena Star

Each day we get up and start anew!  We make millions of little decisions from the second our eyes pop open until we lay our head down to rest at the end of the day and we often forget that.

What kind of decisions do we make?  Here are just a few of the many, many decisions that we make on a daily basis: we decide what to wear, what to eat, what to say, what to read, what to do, what to think, and how to react!

Understanding that every decision that we make has an impact on our day and our perspective will help us to determine how we think and feel about that day.

We choose how we will react to the things around us.

We choose how we will speak to others and think about things.

We choose to focus on the positive or the negative.

Ultimately, we decide how the day will be by how we look at the majority of our decisions.  I encourage you to choose optimism!

How you ask?

One decision at a time!  You choose how you will see each day!  Choose to be positive!

Have you read the newly published PMBOK 6th edition, beginning to end? It is an awesome piece of work, an outstanding exemplar of a completed and acceptable project implementation – on schedule and on budget for sure. 

I am impressed by the overall organization of contents and how its flow of information warmly coaches the reader’s understanding and assimilation of fundamental knowledge necessary not only to be successful at the exams, but also to enable practitioners reaffirm what to do when in doubt or in trouble. 

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Recent graduate Olamide Adejumo shares her experience!


I chose to study at VIU initially because of the recommendation I got from an alumni student.  When I got here I found more reasons to stay and study until the end.  The environment is conducive for learning and the professors and staff of the school are helpful and pay attention to your learning needs.

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day or formerly referred to as Decoration Day is one of the federal holidays in the United States for remembering those individuals who perished while serving in the Armed Forces of this country. The Memorial Day holiday is currently observed every year on the last Monday of May. It will be recognized this year on May 28th. The Memorial Day weekend is often considered the unofficial launch of the summer season. On the Memorial Day holiday, many individuals visit cemeteries and memorials to particularly honor those who have died while serving in the military. It is often customary for volunteers to place an American flag on each grave in our national cemeteries.

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Lena Star

Run a marathon?
Complete a triathlon?
Travel abroad (or in the states)?
Switch careers?
Become a manager?
Complete a degree?
Write a book?
Become a leader in government?
Pay off debt?
Learn a new skill?
Speak a foreign language?

What are your dreams?  Some dreams can become reality if you turn them into a long-term goal!  What is the difference between a dream and a long-term goal?  ACTION!  Action will make that dream a reality!

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