Posted on: April 26, 2018

Your Need To Know – AI

Your Need To Know – AI

Dr. Chakib Chraibi, Dean of the School of Computer Information Systems at Virginia International University was interviewed by Catherine Read on her TV show, April 13, 2018, about the Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution.   Dr. Chraibi define AI as the ability of a machine to perform cognitive functions associated with the human mind, such as perceiving, reasoning, learning and problem solving. Dr. Chraibi spoke with Catherine about how AI will impact our society and culture in the years to come.

Dr. Chraibi notes that Artificial Intelligence is already being used by most of us on a daily basis.  Applications such as GPS help us by processing information regarding traffic, to assist us in getting where we need to be on time. Voice activated assistants such as SIRI (Apple), Alexa (Amazon),  Google Assistant, and Cortana (Microsoft) are designed to help us stay organized and solve everyday problems. These tools are very powerful and can help us become significantly more efficient in our everyday lives.

Although there are many benefits of artificial intelligence, Dr. Chraibi shares that some are worried about job disruption and the ripple effects AI can have on the worldwide economy.  Studies show that approximately 1.8 million jobs will be eliminated with the rise of AI.  However, the introduction of AI into new industries will result in the creation of about 2.3 million new jobs. The difference is that AI will be eliminating many jobs that are considered low skilled, while the new jobs that are being created will be higher skilled. The key to making this transition, according to Dr. Chraibi, is to properly prepare the workforce to meet the demand. The exciting prospect of bringing artificial intelligence to the workforce means that we can use these powerful tools to help solve many of  the big problems facing the world at large.

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