Posted on: March 15, 2018



If you are out looking for a job or changing your career, have you taken time to network?   According to a study in 2016, “85% of all jobs are filled via networking” (Adler, 2016).  Knowing this should change your approach to the application process.  How do you get to where you want to go when you don’t know anyone at a company?  Here are a few steps to consider when networking.


When meeting others ask them about their job and the company that they work at.  Ask them what they like best about working there.  These simple questions will help you to get to know them better and to find out about their company.


When you meet someone new or you run into friends you have not seen in a while, ask them if you can connect with them through a platform like LinkedIn. Remember to send the request. It never hurts to ask!

Reach Out

When you are looking for a job or considering changing your career, reach out!  Ask your friends and family for help.  Ask them about their companies or if they know of anyone who is hiring.


Be on the move!  You have many opportunities to network from community events to conferences to vacations!  You just never know whom you will meet when you are standing in line or sitting on a plane.  Almost every place you are offers you the opportunity to network.

Changing your career or applying for a new job can become easier with networking!  When you do find yourself struggling with it, remember to communicate with those you meet and know.  Anyone of them may be the key to helping you find what you have been looking for.


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