Posted on: March 27, 2018

Coaching with Dean Klinefelter

Coaching with Dean Klinefelter

As you prepare for careers as leaders, one skill that you will need to develop is coaching.  You might ask “What is coaching, why is it important for me to learn and how do I do it?”

Coaching is used to help people become better at what they do and who they are.  It helps them recognize their strengths and make wise choices about what they want to work on.

As a leader, it will be beneficial to them and you if you help them be their best both as a person and as an employee.  This means taking the time to be interested in them and to care about them.  Try to understand what they think about how they are doing and what they would like to learn. Then you, as the leader, can help them be better at their job and take on more responsibility. You can help them see things from a different perspective, be accountable for goals that they set and deal better with the stress that is present in all high-performing organizations today.

According to Forbes (2/2/17), studies have shown that Millennials are dissatisfied with how their leadership skills are being developed.  One way of addressing this need is by training leaders to have “coaching conversations” that explore opportunities for personal growth and development.  This approach to leadership also helps build meaningful relationships between you, your employees and your organization which can result in longer and more fruitful commitments.

To learn more about being an effective leader, get the new book by John Knights entitled “Leading Beyond the Ego.”  Highly recommended!!