Posted on: March 8, 2018

2018 Goals

2018 Goals

Did you manage to forget about your goals or completely give up on them? Did you become overwhelmed by other things and put your goals off for the time being?  Well, if you fall in either one of these categories, now’s the time to reconnect and start again.


Think back to what motivated you to create your goal(s) for the year.  Remember why you wanted to work on that specific thing. If you cannot remember, then take time to determine if you want to work on it now.


Now that you have reviewed your goals and the motivating factors behind them, review the goal itself. Was it too broad? Did other things come up that overwhelmed you? Was the goal something that you were not really motivated to achieve?


Each goal you have is achievable.  Take time to simplify each goal.  Create deadlines and then create some rewards along the way.


When you have recreated the plan, share it with your friends or family. Have them help you be accountable.  Building your own cheering section in is a great way to stay focused and committed to your goals.

Start Again!       

Now that the plan is in place and you have created a cheering section, get started!  There is nothing stopping you now!            

Written by Lena Starr