Posted on: February 21, 2018

Armedia 2018 Hackathon Winner!

Armedia 2018 Hackathon Winner!

Abatekoue Samuel Klutse is an international student from Togo, Africa. He is an active member in VIU’s Student Union and as an MCS student specializing in Software Engineering, Samuel believes that having a passion for what you’re studying will guide you to future success.

Mr. Samuel Klutse, winner of the Armedia 2018 Hackathon.

A hackathon is typically a contest in which participants, either individually or in groups, will work on and try to solve problems with real life connections by creating computer programs. I’ve had a passion for programming and decided to take part in several different hackathons organized by the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) back in Togo, Africa.

I started coding using Java in 2011 while working on my bachelor’s degree at the Catholic University of West Africa. At the time, I used to work on standalone applications but after graduating and working with various companies I began gaining experience with web application technologies using Java such as Spring, Hibernate, and Wicket. When SCIS shared Armedia’s announcement of their 2018 Hackathon I thought it was a great opportunity to participate.

This Hackathon featured three challenges. The first challenge asked all participants to solve a mathematical problem using the programming language of their choice. The second challenge asked was to retrieve JSON data through REST on a server using a specific API. Last, but not least, the third challenge was most challenging because each participate was asked to analyze and present the data to a customer in a way that they would understand. This was especially difficult because the structure of the data was new to all of us. The Armedia team was friendly, well organized and worked hard to create a stress free environment during the hackathon.

For anyone who would like to participate in a hackathon I believe the key is to have a passion for coding and programming languages. Having an interest in conducting research yourself, learning about new technologies, and mastering a programming language is great way to start.