Leticia Cislinschi Sarraf

We grew up hearing almost every day that we need to be successful.

We live in a competitive society that prizes the best in the class, rewards Olympics champions, honors celebrities, and pays hundreds of dollars to musicians.  They have become our example of what it means to be successful.

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SPIA Forum

The forum will focus on the current immigration debate and the critical policy and identity issues at stake. From the legacy of the 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act to the impact of the current political climate and legislative battles – the speakers trace the key political and social impact of these developments in Northern Virginia.

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Richard Brooks moved to the DMV area from a tour in South Korea, Dr. Brooks studied International and Domestic Conflict Resolution specializing in Generational Conflict at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Upon returning from South Korea after a 3 year tour Dr. Brooks began immediately teaching and training federal and private sector employees on conflict in the workplace based on generational differences, leadership and how to lead the newest generations entering the workforce. Dr. Brooks is very passionate about teaching, not only imparting knowledge to students but he loves to learn from students as well through their life experiences and cultures. Dr. Brooks has also served his country as a United States Marine Retiree with 21 Years of service.

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Abatekoue Samuel Klutse is an international student from Togo, Africa. He is an active member in VIU’s Student Union and as an MCS student specializing in Software Engineering, Samuel believes that having a passion for what you’re studying will guide you to future success.

Mr. Samuel Klutse, winner of the Armedia 2018 Hackathon.

Mr. Samuel Klutse, winner of the Armedia 2018 Hackathon.

A hackathon is typically a contest in which participants, either individually or in groups, will work on and try to solve problems with real life connections by creating computer programs. I’ve had a passion for programming and decided to take part in several different hackathons organized by the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) back in Togo, Africa.

I started coding using Java in 2011 while working on my bachelor’s degree at the Catholic University of West Africa. At the time, I used to work on standalone applications but after graduating and working with various companies I began gaining experience with web application technologies using Java such as Spring, Hibernate, and Wicket. When SCIS shared Armedia’s announcement of their 2018 Hackathon I thought it was a great opportunity to participate.

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Jeffrey White

Professor White has had a varied background in law, health care, and big business. He’s worked in private equity for several years, helping small businesses all over the country in mergers and acquisitions.

He’s owned his own businesses, both successes and failures, and draws from each in his teaching. Prior to joining VIU he has taught business courses for over 4 years online at other universities. He  has been featured in many of the most prestigious publications in the country, including: Reuters, The Week, US News, Forbes, CNBC, Associated Press, Yahoo Finance, Nasdaq, The Street, CreditCards.com, Chase.com, Reader’s Digest, USA Today, Fit Small Business, MSN, and more.

Professor White received his EJD from Concord Law School and his MBA from Baker College.

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