Posted on: January 23, 2018

Guest Blogger Van Vo – THE WORLD IS NEW TO ME

Guest Blogger Van Vo – THE WORLD IS NEW TO ME
Van Vo – BSBA Student

I have experienced many things the first time in the last couple of months on my first trip to the United States. Everything here is new and still fresh in my memory.

I remember the first time I walked to school on the path full of autumn leaves, noticing the breath vapor blowing away in the fall cool breezes. At school, I met new friends coming from far away countries, the countries that I barely knew before I came to the States. A Nepalese classmate girl possesses a pair of deep eyes which can smile. A South African girlfriend has a gifted voice touching people’s hearts. A kind Kyrgyzstani guy has a great sense of humor.


The lectures in Virginia International University have opened my mind and changed my way of thinking. Teachers make students think hard by their leading and powerful questions. They pass knowledge to students through passionate lessons. Fun classrooms have been created environments to get students involved in exciting discussions. Long nights staying up late to work on challenging research papers were rewarding to me; the research projects forced me to read a lot and learn new things.

I had a chance to taste icy snowflakes and felt the cold of a frosty morning. I wished to have a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows then. Today is the winter solstice; I have been in Virginia four months. I am wondering how I would celebrate my first Christmas here and what is waiting ahead.

Van Vo is a student at Virginia International University working towards her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.