Posted on: December 20, 2017

Student Perspective: Time Management

Student Perspective: Time Management

One of the most difficult challenges facing international MBA students in the United States is time management. With finals approaching, MBA students should be thinking about how to be more organized in order to maintain a balance between studies, work, and home. One important consequence of bad time management is poor health choices. As a student I have seen other students who are far away from their home find it difficult to eat healthy because they don’t have enough time to cook healthy meals at home.

So, how can my fellow students better manage their time? In this blog post, I am sharing my time management habits that have helped me do well in my studies and maintain balance between studies and personal life.

1. Make a List of “Have to do” Things
The first important thing that you can do to improve your time management is to create a list of your “have to do” things. This may sound pretty obvious, but trust my words, it is very easy to get carried away and leave the most important task, such as a final PowerPoint presentation, until the last minute, which can affect your overall grade for the course. Procrastination does not only affect the quality of homework they submitted, but also a student’s personal life. To avoid this from happening to you, it is strongly advised to make a list of all homework deadlines based on priority.

2. Manage Course Difficulty
As an MBA student, you will be studying lots of analytical courses, which may cause you to pull your hair out at some point because of the stress these types of complex courses can create. You can offset course difficulty by taking less difficult courses with complex analytical ones. If you are unsure of which courses to take together, it would be best to listen to your academic advisor’s advice.

3. Avoid Over-committing Yourself
As an international MBA student, you have a purpose to be in a foreign country, to earn your MBA degree. Anything that deviates you from achieving that desired goal is not helping you. Don’t feel shy to say “No” to things that are beyond your limitations or put extra burdens on you.

4. Be Smart – Use Apps for Time Management
One of the easiest ways to keep track of your daily activities and the goals you have set for your self is the use of time management apps, such as Google Calendar, Evernote, and 30/30 etc. With the help of these apps, you can keep all your assignments, plans, and to-do activities in one place. These apps make things more manageable. You can set reminders for different tasks and be more organized.

5. Remember to Eat Healthy
To achieve your goals and excel in studies, it is very important to eat some brain food and say goodbye to junk food and energy drinks.

By taking time to plan your week, balance your semester course load, balance your activities, and eat healthy, you can you can give yourself a better chance to stay on track, increase your daily productivity, and stay well-organized during exam period.

Good luck on your finals!