Posted on: December 6, 2017

Finding My Passion

Finding My Passion

Dr. Shelton Rhodes

My career path spans three professional domains; the U.S Army, Academia/Education, and Entrepreneurship. Passion led me to pursue these career paths. My first passion was for the adventure and the leadership opportunity provided by military service. My second passion academia and education resulted from my thirst for knowledge and the awareness that education is the door to opportunity in this great country. Obtaining my undergraduate degree from the Virginia Military Institute, a Masters from Howard University, and a doctorate from Old Dominion University has given me the opportunity to live the American dream. I studied management because, of my first career as an Army officer, I had to execute all management functions of planning, organizing, controlling and leading. Secondly, managers are needed in private, public and nonprofit organizations.

My passion for entrepreneurship is rooted in the freedom provided by entrepreneurship and if successful the ability to help family and others through the accumulation of wealth. Also, entrepreneurs must provide a service, address a need. or problem to be successful. They have made the world better for us all.

Networking has been an important component of my success in the military, academia and business. It is not enough just to be talented, and work hard, success requires building a network and finding a mentor or sponsor.

My advice to anyone pursuing any career is to know yourself (your intellectual, physical, and personality) and match this to your passion. Confucius said “If you find your passion, you will never work a day in your life.”

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