At VIU, we believe that giving is something that should happen all year and want to bring your attention to a few ways that you can get involved here. We look for ways to benefit our students either through time or money.

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Sana Khan

One of the most difficult challenges facing international MBA students in the United States is time management. With finals approaching, MBA students should be thinking about how to be more organized in order to maintain a balance between studies, work, and home. One important consequence of bad time management is poor health choices. As a student I have seen other students who are far away from their home find it difficult to eat healthy because they don’t have enough time to cook healthy meals at home.

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Dr. Shelton Rhodes

My career path spans three professional domains; the U.S Army, Academia/Education, and Entrepreneurship. Passion led me to pursue these career paths. My first passion was for the adventure and the leadership opportunity provided by military service. My second passion academia and education resulted from my thirst for knowledge and the awareness that education is the door to opportunity in this great country. Obtaining my undergraduate degree from the Virginia Military Institute, a Masters from Howard University, and a doctorate from Old Dominion University has given me the opportunity to live the American dream. I studied management because, of my first career as an Army officer, I had to execute all management functions of planning, organizing, controlling and leading. Secondly, managers are needed in private, public and nonprofit organizations.

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Teaching at VIU has been a major event in my life allowing me to professionally transfer the knowledge and prepare students to realize their dreams, succeed in their future endeavors and make a difference. At VIU, I interact with highly enlightened and talented faculty, staff and students from all over the globe, which constantly motivates me to stay current in the IT and hone my skills to stay ahead of the curve. One of the things that I really appreciate about VIU is that you are encouraged to reach your maximum potential based on your capabilities where there is no inherent limitations from the university and everyone can go as far as their capabilities will take them.

My teaching strategy centered on student engagement, problem solving along with content retention. I strive to provide the necessary conditions to enable students to communicate and engage effectively with the subject matter in the classroom, online or via participating in tech events. Additionally, intensive hands-on is a significant part of this strategy where students are encouraged to engage in a cycle of trying, failing and trying again. I bring over 12 years of strong technical experience and training combined with academic background that includes a PhD and MS degrees in Computer Science from The George Washington University and graduate certificate in Cyber Security. My interest spans the broad area of big data, artificial intelligence, cyber security, digitalization and innovation. The objective is to leverage this blend and transfer it to the students to bring them up to speed and set them apart in the job market.