Dr. Ashley Newell

Dr. Ashley Newell weighs in on why ethics are relevant today.

Top three reasons ethics are important:

  1. Members of society can avoid legal issues by following an ethical framework.
  2. Individuals maintain a moral sense of life without bias, dishonesty, or unfair treatment.
  3. Businesses may be viewed as leaders by applying ethics integrated with their core business structure.

Studying ethics is essential for all students.  As listed above, the impact of a lack of ethics on society could be astronomical.

I had a quiet, peaceful, and simple life back in my home country of Vietnam. There weren’t many challenges for me there. I heard about Virginia International University after searching for a universities in Virginia that offered a major I wanted to pursue. After taking into consideration tuition, my area of interest, and activities offered I chose VIU.

When I first applied to VIU I received a transfer-in scholarship that has helped me a lot. While studying, I also received the chance to work as a Graduate Teaching Assistant.

I enjoy being at VIU because I get the chance to gain technical experience from class projects and work on soft skills as a volunteer. There are so many cultures, friendly students and professors to learn from here. I would recommend VIU to all international students for the interesting courses, fun activities, and the diverse cultures. If this is your first time in the U.S. you will feel welcome and at home at VIU.

Quang Trinh

MS in Information Systems Management
School of Computer Information Systems
Virginia International University

The School of Computer Information Systems at Virginia International University recently hosted their Second Annual International Conference on Computing and Technology on November 3rd and 4th.

The Conference welcomed the academic community and professionals from across the globe to share their knowledge on various topics in computer science and information technology.









The ICCT is an open forum for refreshing knowledge and a great venue to network among like-minded professionals.