Posted on: November 2, 2017

Becoming a Scrum Master

Becoming a Scrum Master
Most people know Project Management Institute (PMI) started to offer the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification in the 1960s. It has been growing rapidly over the last 50+ years. PMPs are key players in enabling project success. As people with PMP certifications have become more successful, career paths have started emerging. In 1993, a new role called Scrum Master emerged when an organization adopts Agile methodology. Since that time, more and more companies have started to hire more Scrum Masters and fewer Project Managers.
There is no doubt that a Project Manager is a leader of the team and has authority and power. However, when the organization adopts the Scrum Framework, the team owns power and authority, not the Scrum Master. So, what does Scrum Master do? The Scrum Master becomes an individual who serves the team and removes any impediments hampering the team’s success. In short, Scrum Masters are facilitators and servant leaders. Moreover, the Scrum Master is a team coach who coaches and mentors teams.
Do you know how many vacant Scrum Master positions need to be filled? A quick search on showed approximately 1,500 job openings. Of course, is not the only job site on the web. So, if you are interested in being a Scrum Master, you might be wondering what is next? What would you do to get in this hot job with a high paid salary? At VIU, we offer Scrum Master training to make you ready to serve in the Scrum Master role.
Without further delay, it is time for project managers to aim to become a Scrum Master. To review our upcoming Project Management Scrum Master Boot Camps schedule follow this link