Dr. Grace Klinefelter shares on mindfulness.

What is mindfulness and why does it matter to college students?

Mindfulness has been around for thousands of years and is becoming very important again as we all struggle to balance the seemingly endless demands on our time.  It is not a religious practice and is defined as “the act of paying attention to your present-moment experience with an attitude of compassionate curiosity (Ross, 20xx, p. 12).

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Dr. Lee shares five quick ways to boost your customer satisfaction.  

  1.  Track and monitor customer feedback and reviews on the Internet and social media platforms, so that you can understand what they like, dislike, want, and need.
  2.  Build positive customer experiences, by tapping into what customers like, want, and need.
  3.  Develop strategies to overcome what customers dislike and what they have pains in your company, products, and services.
  4.  Increase customer loyalty via tactics to personally engage with individual customers (e.g., birthday coupons, mother and daughter special discounts)
  5. Provide consistent, prompt, and polite responses to your customer feedback, reviews, questions, and problems both online and offline.

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I had the chance to join the Security & Resiliency of Mobile and the Internet-of-Things (IoT) at 1776 company on October 17th.

It was my pleasure to join the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) in a round-table discussion to explore cybersecurity implications of the convergence of mobility and the IoT. I have learned that current cybersecurity approaches will need to adapt and rapidly reconfigure to provide safety, security, and resilience of our infrastructure, users, and communities.

Batkhuu Odonchuluun
MS in Information Systems

Thanksgiving is a special holiday in the United States.  We join together with friends and family and reflect on things that we are grateful for.  Some people are grateful for the time off with family and friends, some for the food, some for football, but the one thing that draws them all together is that they are grateful for each other.

In this time of thanksgiving, we want to express our appreciation for each of our students and faculty members.  Without you, we would not be VIU. 

From everyone here at the School of Business, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving!


What is Mentoring?

The role of a mentor is to help guide you to reach your personal and professional goals in life.  A mentor should be helpful, engaged, have regard and concern for other people, and be able to provide sound advice.

Who mentors?

Some people choose their supervisors, religious leaders, teachers, or those who they deem are successful.  Everyone should have a mentor.  Even President Obama has one – Dr. Charles Ogletree, a legal theorist who taught Barack and Michelle at Harvard Law School.

Personal Success with Mentoring

Having a mentor should be a positive experience.  A mentor encouraged me to earn a doctorate degree.  Dr. Frank had been watching my work as a volunteer at the university for several years and one day during an art event, he pulled me to the side and told me that I have a bright future in academia, but I needed to get my doctorate.  I told him that if he could help me get funding, I would love to.  At that moment, I recruited him to be my mentor.  Here is someone, who had been looking out for me and I did not even know it.  About four years later, at commencement, as I was approaching the graduate faculty to get hooded in my doctoral regalia, I so happen to line up right in front of Dr. Frank.  He said you did it!  It was a powerful moment as we hugged and cried tears of joy.

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