IU now has partnerships with two honor societies! Honor societies offer excellent professional development, continuing education and networking opportunities now and post graduation as membership is for life!

For undergraduate students, we have partnered with the Society for Collegiate Leadership and Achievement (SCLA). The requirements for membership are completion of at least 12 credits and a minimum GPA of 3.0. Please see the SCLA website for all of its benefits!


For graduate students, we have partnered with Golden Key International Honour Society. The requirement for membership is a minimum GPA of 3.8. Please see the Golden Key website for all its benefits!


Those students who are eligible for either organization should have received an invitation email from the organization. Both have a one-time $95 membership fee that covers membership for life. If you have any questions regarding these organizations or VIU’s affiliation with them. Please contact the Student Affairs Department.

Join us in welcoming Dr. Taemin Cha to our School of Business team.  He is one of our newest adjunct faculty members. Dr.Cha brings a wealth of knowledge with him.  He has been working in financial service industry for 6 years. He earned both his MS in Finance and Ph.D. degrees from The George Washington University. He teaches both corporate finance and real estate finance.

Welcome Dr. Cha!

Dr. Faisal Alsaby attended the Google Cloud Plat

form Event in Washington, D.C. on September 19th. The free training event was attended by a large number of individuals from executives to IT decision makers including a small group of SCIS students.

The event was an ideal opportunity to explore cloud infrastructure and in particular the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) which offers training and certifications in their technologies. Training modules included: an introduction into GCP, Google app engine and cloud datastore, and big data and machine learning. Attendees from VIU also had the opportunity to network and utilized the time to promote the SCIS programs! 💻

Project Management is one of the hottest areas in the employment industry since it spans so many industries.  Obtaining a certificate in project management will help you stand out in an ever growing field.

  1. Global Recognition
    These certifications are highly sought after by employers in many fields and areas around the globe. All Project Management certifications have industry and business relevance.
  2. Personal Growth
    Obtaining a Project Management certificate will be an excellent way to check off the professional development box for the year.  To renew your certification, you must continue to do Project Management training.
  3. Leadership Opportunities
    After obtaining the certificate leadership role positions may open up to help you become a leader in your company.  Or, you may begin to apply for more leadership roles! Furthermore, as you gain experience and become a project manager, you will have opportunities to manage change and make an impact on the organization.